Email and SMS bounces


 Code  Bounce name  Blacklist  Description
 0 Unknown/Undefined  NO
 1 Bad destination mailbox address  Permanent The specified email address does not exist. This means that the portion on the left of the @ is invalid.
 2 Bad destination system address  Temporary The domain specified in the email address is unable to accept emails.
 3 Bad destination mailbox address syntax  Temporary A syntactic problem has been detected by the receiving domain.
 4 Recipient Block Policy  Temporary The receiving user has created (only at the level of his own mailbox) a personal filter that blocks the address or domain sender of the email.
 5 Bad sender’s mailbox address syntax  NO The sender address was syntactically invalid.
 6 Bad sender’s system address  NO The sender domain is unable to accept reply emails.
 7 Other or undefined mailbox status  NO The mailbox was not able to accept emails.
 8 Mailbox disabled, not accepting messages  Temporary The mailbox exists but is not accepting messages. This may be a temporary or permanent error.
 9 Mailbox full  Temporary The user’s mailbox is full because its maximum capacity has been reached. You can clear it by deleting messages.
 10 Message length exceeds administrative limit  Temporary An administrative limit in the message size has been exceeded. This error occurs when the size allowed by the recipient’s box is smaller than the generic system limit.
 11 Reputation block  NO Message rejected due to reputation problems of the sender IP address or domain, caused for example by its presence in public blacklists or blocks by antispam systems, of the email providers that return this type of bounce. A problem of this type is resolved as soon as the IP or domain is unblocked or de-listed, so this type of bounce does not cause the email address to be blacklisted.
 12 No answer from host  NO The outbound connection attempt was not accepted either because the system was busy or because it was incapacitated.
 13 Bad connection  NO The outgoing connection was established but was unable to process the message, either because it went into time out or because of poor connection quality.
 14 Routing server failure  NO The system was unable to forward the message due to unavailable directory servers (e.g., inability to connect to DNS server).
 15 Unable to route  Temporary The system cannot find the correct path to the destination server. Sometimes it may also depend on the non-existence of the domain.
 16 Routing loop detected  NO Mail servers check if the same message passes through them more than once and after the umpteenth time (at the discretion of the postmaster as always) they decide that the message will never reach its destination and send it back notifying the rejection.
 17 Delivery time expired  NO Our system, in case of unreachability of the receiving mail server (without receiving specific rejection) performs multiple retries. If after 48 hours it is still not able to deliver the message it is considered failed and categorized as bounce. (the cause may be a server temporarily down or a domain with no MX records)
 18 Other or undefined protocol status  NO An error occurred in the message transmission protocol
 19 Invalid command  NO An out-of-sequence or unsupported protocol command was entered.
 20 Syntax error  NO A protocol command was entered that cannot be interpreted because the syntax is incorrect or it was not recognized.
 21 Delivery not authorized, message refused  NO The sender is not allowed to send to the specified recipient. The cause could be a blockage in the per-host or per-recipient spam filter.
 22 Relaying Denied  NO In a pass through the various servers, one of them could not deliver the email. The message is rejected by the server, it could be due to the sender being recognized as invalid or unacceptable
 23 Service not available – access denied  NO Typically caused by incorrect or old email addresses; when trying to deliver mail to a server that is intended only to send mail and not to receive it. Sometimes used as a response when mail is rejected as spam.
 24 Message considered to be spam  NO The message is considered spam


 Code  Bounce Name  Blacklist  Description
1000 Unknown Subscriber
1001 VP exceeded
1002 Teleservice not provisioned
1003 Rejected by Operator
1004 Controlling MSC system failure
1005 Equipment protocol error
1006 Operator Barring
1007 Absent Subscriber
1103 bad recipient
1109 carrier problem
1110 Msg Blocked
1111 banned
1211 quota_abs reached
1213 quota_ny reached
1300 System (Internal Error)
1301 (Connection Problem)
1302 (Generic Error)
1303 (Connection Problem)
1311 send error
1400 (Internal Error)
1401 (Internal Error)
1402 (Internal Error)
1500 ERROR (Internal Error)
1501 ERROR (Internal Error)
1502 (Internal Error)
1701 Rejected – Nack
1702 Underivable
1703 Deleted – Canceled
1704 MSISDN Barred
1705 Undelivered
1706 No DLR
1707 Op Rejected
1800 Expired Expired, all the carrier attempts failed during the validity period
1801 Rejected Rejected from the destination carrier
1802 Format error
1803 Other error
1810 Subscriber unknown
1811 Subscriber barred
1812 Subscriber not provisioned
1813 Subscriber unavailable
1820 SMSC failure
1821 SMSC congestion
1822 SMSC roaming
1830 Handset error
1831 Handset memory exceeded
1840 Charging error
1841 Charging balance to low
1900 Notification Unavailable
1901 Not delivered
1902 Teleservice not provisioned
1903 Selivery failure
1950 Account limit is reached Max amount of messages reached
1951 MSISDN is blacklisted MSISDN or destination operator blacklisted
1952 Call barred by operator The operator has blocked the message. This is not a network error but an explicit answer from the operator platform. For example it can be received when the end user has reached is monthly/daily usage limit.
1953 Subscriber profile does not permit service This can be due to user explicitly requesting to be barred from Premium services (i.e. corporate mobile phone contracts).
1954 Unknown or Ported Number Unknown MSISDN or ported number.
1955 Failed Message Delivery Network error.
1956 Validity Period Expired The operator SMSC was not able to deliver the message within its Validity Period.
1957 Subscriber is temporarily out of credit End user has no credit.
1958 No operator found for current MSISDN No operator associated to this MSISDN. Check that MSISDN is correct.
1959 UNDELIVERABLE Undeliverable, destination doesn’t exists or has persistent problem.