Use FB lead Ads

Contactsend integrates with Facebook Lead Ads.

The integration can be set up from the section Configure > Integrations > Facebook.

Once you’ve authorized your Facebook Adv Account on Contactsend, move to the tab “Lead Ads” and click the button to connect an existing lead ads form.

Selelect a form among those you see on you Facebook account, and follow the configuration steps. You can connected and existing db to a form, or create a new db from a form(the new db will be the same fields as the form).

In order to be able to intregrate the forms, you should have created them previously via Facebook adv tools.

When creating the Lead Ads campaign and form, under “Placement” you can decide to show it only to Facebook users or to both Facebooj and Instagram users (as Instagram is part of the Facebook network).

Contactsend can import leads from forms placed on Instagram too. If you wish to separate Instagram forms from others, you should do that by using a proper naming. Facebook does not provide any metadata to identify forms by their placement.

Once db and form are connected, the leads collected from the form will automatically populate the db. You can also set up and automated welcome message (that uses Contactsend “Immediate Messages”). Here’s how:

**Enter the exisitng lead ads integrations list.

**Choose an existing one, or create a new one

Enable the welcome message function

Select the relevant immediate message (see Create > Email campaign chapter of this guide for details).