Special reports

The special reports section allows you to analyse reports on a specific statistic.


 Figure 1

Trend for recipient domains. In this page you can check the overall progress of deliveries on specific domains. The graphs represent the evolution of bounce and openings on specific domains so as to enable the identification of any sudden decrease of openings or, conversely, any increase in bounce (Fig. 2)

Company progress. This report summarizes the general progress of campaigns, regardless of the group. Only deployed campaigns are considered. This allows you to check your company’s mailing volumes.

Report on subcompany deliveries: if the company has a subcompany, you can monitor its performance.

Consecutive bounces check. This report is used to check the email addresses that have had a number of consecutive bounces; bounces may be hard (with “mailbox or server nonexistent” to which it will never be possible to send) or soft (with “mailbox full” or other reasons to which it may be possible to send in future).

Subscription/Unsubscription check. This report summarizes the subscription/unsubscription trends associated with your company groups.


 Figure 2: Trend for recipient domains