Configure introduction

The configure section (figure 1) is where you can define how various aspects of Contactsend should function in day-to-day use.


Figure 1

The configure section is divided into several subsections:

  • User db
    Enables you to manage the database/s that contain the group contact (user) data.
    Users that manage more than one group can have one database for each, or just one database with different filters.
  • Groups
    Enables you to configure group parameters, such as:

    • The link to the database from which the contact (user) data is to be taken for a campaign.
    • The sender details (mail from).
    • Any predefined settings, such as the message subject, attachments, the delivery type and similar.
    • The generation of group subscription/unsubscribe forms, for insertion into your website.
  • Integrations
    Enables you to manage systems that are integrated with Contactsend.
  • Delivery on-demand
    Enables you to manage and change triggered delivery and immediate message content.
  • Automation
    Enables you to manage DataExchange and XMLDelivery tools, as well as reports and seed lists.
  • Classifications
    Enables you to manage theme-based categories for links and campaign labels.

Depending upon the permissions that are assigned to your account, some of the above functionality may be limited, or the group creation path may be different.