Customisation & Calendar

To access the customisation or calendar sections:

  • Hover your mouse over my contactlab in the main menu and click either the customisation or calendar icon.

Click the appropriate link below to scroll to the information you require:

The customisation section

This section (figure 1) enables you to select your company logo and include it in the Contactsend interface, or upload a suitable file. The optimum size is 195 x 30 pixels.


Figure 1

The calendar section

This section (figure 2) enables you to create events and assign them to users in the team.


Figure 2

Creating a new event

To create a new event:

  • Click the appropriate cell that belongs to the day you want.
  • Move the mouse pointer downwards.

Deleting an event

To delete an event:

  • Click the appropriate event.
  • Press Delete (Del) on your keyboard.