Create introduction

The Create section (figure 1) is where you can define a delivery and its content.

Figure 1: The Create page

The  Create section is divided into three delivery creation subsections:

  • An email campaign.
  • A push delivery.
  • An SMS campaign.

These enable you to create content for the different types of delivery, and assign the relevant group, as appropriate. When creating a delivery, you can always save it as a draft and resume working on it later.

Other subsections include:

  • Templates.
    Used to create and or edit HTML-based graphical templates, which can then be applied to multiple deliveries.
  • PageBuilder.
    Used to customize existing master templates to create your own, without HTML knowledge.
  • Selection.
    Used to create delivery audience lists by defining filters that, for example, identify recipients according to their responses to previous deliveries.

Depending upon the permissions that are assigned to your account, some of the above functionality may be limited or unavailable.