Configuring an automation

To configure an automation:

  1. Click Create a new automation on the Automations management page.
    The Create automation configuration page displays.

Example of the Create automation configuration page

  1. Enter a name for the automation in the first field.

Complete the following steps for each of the panels on the page:

Active nodes

This panel enables you to select one or more nodes to which the automation should be applied.

  1. Under Add nodes, select an appropriate node. The name of the relevant node appears in black beneath the field.
  2. Select further nodes as required.

If you want to remove a node from the selection, click the X next to its name.


This panel enables you to determine the event and behavior that instigates the triggering of an action.

  1. Use the relevant fields to configure:
    1. Events
      Select the required event. For example, abandoned cart, campaign subscribed, opened ticket or similar events.
      When an event is selected, the Advanced options button displays. If you click it, you can add conditions to the event, according to its type. For example, for a Viewed page event, you could add a Date, URL, or PageCategories condition and similar. For an Abandoned cart event, you may want to add a monetary or a product-based condition.
      You can add more than one condition to the event, but they will always be treated as having an AND operator.
    2. From customer
      Select whether the event should relate to:

      • A known customer.
      • An anonymous customer.
      • Both.
    3. Context:
      Select a context, for example, a digital campaign event, a retail event, a Web event, or similar, to refine how the event is applied.


  1. Define in seconds, how long to wait after the event, before carrying out the selected action.
    The maximum delay is seven days.


  1. Define what happens when the event takes place.
    There are three potential action categories, which are displayed as tabs within the panel:
  • Tag 
    Use an event property or a constant to modify or enrich the customer properties.
  • Webhook 
    Notify third-party systems that the event has taken place.
  • Send Email 
    Send a transactional email to the customer that the event relates to, through a Contactsend account, or deliver a notification to a fixed address.

Click the appropriate link above, for more about configuring the actions.

You can configure one, two or all of the actions, if required.

  1. When you are finished, click Save.
    You are returned to the Automations management page and the automation is added to the list. It is automatically activated.



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