Enabling and disabling Base properties

To enable or disable Base properties, do the following:

  • Ensure that the Properties tab of the Settings page is selected.
  • Select Base, positioned under the title of the tab, if it is not already highlighted.

Settings page

The Properties tab of the Settings page, with Base selected

  • Locate the appropriate property and click the switch, positioned to its left, to enable or disable it.
    If a property is enabled the switch moves to the right and is green. When a property is disabled, the switch moves to the left and turns light gray.

Downloading a JSON file

To download a JSON file that represents the schema for all Base properties, do the following:

  • Click Download JSON.
    An Open File dialog displays.
  • Select whether to open the JSON file with an appropriate program, or to save it locally.
  • Click OK to proceed.

Certain properties, such as contact information, have sub-properties. To view these, click the downwards pointing arrow, positioned to the right of the relevant box. If one or more of the sub-properties is disabled, the switch of the parent property moves to the center position and turns dark gray. You can disable all of the relevant sub-properties by using the switch belonging to the parent.



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