Data Visualization Overview


Contacthub is an advanced data repository that can be accessed using the REST API set or the UI. This overview describes the use of the UI. For more about the REST API, see the Contacthub API Guide.

Using the UI, you can:

  • View key statistics and the composition of the available data
  • Access the details relating to individual customers
  • Manage customer base data, with insert, edit or delete options for customer profiles and event data
  • Create and view segments of the available data, based upon the demographic properties that you select

Using this overview

This overview is divided into the following sections:

Exploring customers

Customer data can be accessed in two ways:

  • Directly, using the The Customers management page, with the ability to search the available records as required
    You can also drill down to the details of individual customers and events, such as a completed order

Further navigation

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Further documentation

You may find the following documentation useful when working with Contacthub:

  • The ‘Contacthub Product Sheet
  • The ‘Contacthub Configuration Guide
  • The ‘Contacthub API Guide

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