Understanding the GDPR log

A user with Data Protection Officer (DPO) permissions can view a log of all GDPR-related customer events for the current workspace, including changes of consent, reading the disclaimer and similar.

Viewing and using the GDPR log

To view the GDPR log, do the following:

  • Select the GDPR logs tab of the Settings page.
    All available log entries display.

Example of the GDPR logs on the Settings page

The page consists of:

  • The Filter fields.
    You can filter by:

    • The Customer UUID.
    • The Date range.
    • The type of event.

You cannot search by email address or an external ID as the global registry does not keep personal customer information. A DPO can, however, search for an email address on the Customers management page.

  • A table of events, including:
    • The Customer UUID.
    • The event Date.
    • The Event type.
      Hover your mouse over the Event type to view the details.
    • The USER ID.
    • The Source ID.

Click View profile in the appropriate row, to display the relevant Customer details page, if they have not been deleted.



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