Send email configuration


The Send Email configuration section

Click the Send Email tab on the Create automation configuration page, to display the Send email configuration section.

Send Email enables you to use an existing Contactsend account to dynamically send a transactional email to the customer associated with the event, or deliver a notification to a fixed address.

Configuring email

To configure emails to be sent, define or select:

  1. The apiKey and userKey for the appropriate Contactsend account.
    Authorization tokens that enable access to Contactsend.
    See the Contactsend Guide for more details.
  2. The Campaign ID of the appropriate Contactsend campaign.
  3. The Recipient type.
    Determines whether the recipient address is:

    • Dynamic.
      The email address of the customer to whom the event relates.
    • Constant.
      A fixed email address.
  4. The Recipient Address.
    • If Constant is selected as the Recipient type, enter the email address.
    • If Dynamic is selected as the Recipient type, select a customer or event property from the list.
      Used to identify the appropriate email address.
  5. The In field boxes enable you to enter:
    • The name of one or more fields in the relevant Contactsend template that you want to populate with a particular value.
    • The required value/s.
      Can be a constant, or dynamic, according to the selected customer or event property.



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