Viewing customer consent

To view the consents of an individual customer:

  • Click the Consent tab on the Customer details page.
    The Consent page displays.

Example of the Consent page

The page includes:

  • The Disclaimer version number and approval date.
  • A read-only list of the consent categories that are active for the customer, together with any associated limitation or objection settings.
    To add, edit or delete individual consents, you need to use the Customer properties page. See Adding or editing a customer for more details.

If you have Data Protection Officer (DPO) permissions, the page also includes:

  • The Timeline button.
    Click to view the timeline of any consent changes.

Example of the Consent changes timeline page

  • The Download JSON link.
    Click to download all the relevant data.
  • The Delete all data for this customer button and Bin icon Delete.
    Click to delete all data for the relevant customer.
    A warning message displays.



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