Understanding Events

In addition to customer-related demographics and personal data, you can also store and access information regarding customer interactions with your organization. In Contacthub, these interactions are known as Events.

Standard events

Contacthub provides a set of events with predefined default properties, which can be enabled or disabled within the UI, as required. The standard set of events can be extended as required. You can find a list of predefined events here.

Viewing events and their data structure

You can view all events and their underlying data structure in the UI. See Viewing events for more details.

Enabling and disabling events

You can enable or disable events using the UI. See Enabling and disabling events for more details.

JSON files

To assist with integration and help you to configure and customize Contacthub, you can download a copy of the JSON file that defines the schema for an individual event. See Viewing events for more details.



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