Well begun… the first months of our 2021

It has become a good habit over the last few years to take a moment after the first months of work to share what we have achieved compared to what we had promised. It is also an exercise that our teams do on a daily basis in order to align activities and not leave any fundamental step behind.

We have tried to summarise the main events of the past few months to date and we are proud of what we have managed to do, despite the difficulties and major changes that characterise this period, while maintaining and nurturing a constant channel of communication with our customers and the market. Receiving feedback in times of general uncertainty helps us in the evolution of the platform and its functionalities, guiding priorities. In this way we are always able to respond fully to the needs and requirements, sometimes unspoken, of the increasing number of brands that choose us.

Use email design to push your communications forward

At the beginning of 2020, there was a widespread idea that the email channel would lose ground in the following months. Forced social distancing has made us discover how even the strongest beliefs can be challenged. In a recent study marketers said email was the source of 59% of their ROI (Content Marketing Institute). Today, email marketing is more alive than ever and significant growth rates have been measured. Because of this, the intertwining of usage in recent times and the increase in emails sent and received, consumer expectations have increased. The limited time available to decide whether a communication is of interest or not requires quality messages that are immediately usable, attractive and do not require excessive download time and resources, especially for mobile consumers. 69% of recipients say they delete emails because they are not immediately affected (Janrain and Blue research). He then took up the topic of the weight of the images used or the possibility of differentiating content according to the target audience.



The attention paid to making the work of those who create emails simpler and faster is no less important. New features have been introduced for Email Designer, the platform’s drag-and-drop editor. Some are more evident, such as the optimisation of the preview on smartphones, others less: from the possibility of defining the space between letters to the definition of the heading or the copying of links in text fields, but all equally aimed at making the use intuitive and improving the quality of emails.

Optimise marketing campaign management

The interface redesign project started some time ago and we left it at the end of last year with a Christmas present, the announcement of the new area dedicated to audience creation. The year 2021 started on this path, leading to the renewed marketing automation section. The constant commitment in this direction has the objectives of improving navigability between the functions, keeping the company you are working on active, and offering an optimised tool for the streamlined and immediate management of campaigns.


Further improvements have involved the entire platform with a special focus on the profiling and creation of targets: new error messages guiding to their resolution, notifications confirming the synchronisation of data from updated profiles, customised display of the list of fields for selecting segmentation conditions.

Put marketing automation at the service of your acquisition, development and retention strategies

Placeholder flow

Let the platform work for you. Create journeys and automate tasks. Act quickly if contacts register for your new newsletter. Welcome them with a dedicated discount to be activated in their private area for the next online or in-store purchase by presenting the loyalty card. Design cross-channel customer journeys. Notify your customers by email when the credit card linked to their account is about to expire. Send them text messages confirming the change. And more… manage interactions with your ecommerce, post-purchase surveys, fundraising, and more.

PlanCreate simple targets and explore your audience

Basing on the unique profile of each contact, identify in real-time those who have visited the new collection page on your ecommerce but have not made any subsequent purchases. Create advanced and dynamic segments that include all customers in your shop who do not have an account on your online store or have not downloaded your multichannel campaign app. Quickly identify those who have shown you loyalty in the last period and who have reconfirmed as gold customers. Create custom audiences for retargeting campaigns.

Choose the email and SMS management method that suits you best thanks to the flexibility of Send

Whether you need to send service emails or mass mailings, we have the answer for you. Use the API to send abandoned cart alerts, password recovery notifications, order confirmations, credit card expiration, and ensure a secure and reliable https channel. Or rely on Smartrelay if you don’t have the skills or technology to develop a client or already have applications that generate emails and SMS on their own but are not effective. Ensure email authentication, maintain your reputation high and get feedback for maximum deliverability.

Do you want to announce the launch of a new collection or send a SMS to remind people the summer sales? You can do it directly from the interface and take care of every aspect and detail of the campaign or automate every creation and sending process by choosing XMLD if you have applications able to generate files in standard format, exploiting all the potential of Send. All in full compliance with GDPR regulations.


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And now?

What’s in the pipeline now? A lot of new things coming up to satisfy the needs and requirements of a world in constant movement, offering a marketing cloud and digital services that can support brands in customer engagement activities that are increasingly challenging and crucial to business, sales and company success. Contact us and we will work together to identify the best strategies and activate the most effective campaigns for your results.