Did you say user experience? News for Cloud Marketing!

When you work with professionals, surprises are just around the corner, especially during Christmas time. Contactlab’s teams not only work to provide a platform with many new features able of responding to renewed market needs and more and more demanding customer experiences, they also care about Cloud Marketing users. Those who create unforgettable customer experiences every day, experiencing what it means to use the platform.

They had anticipated this and kept their promises, despite a unique 2020. They promised a simple, fast and intuitive user experience and a 360° integrated interface. They worked on it and we can add another important brick for an increasingly unified UI.




From today, creating and refining your audience to build personalised communication campaigns and customer journeys becomes immediate.

Accessing the platform, you will be able to benefit from a clean and light design, able to guide you in your work, clearly proposing what you need.

Try it and let us know what you think! It doesn’t end there, surprises multiply at Christmas but at Contactlab they are at home all year round. Our experts have already got back to work, and who knows what else they will give us. We’re curious, stay tuned and don’t miss the next opportunities that the platform will offer us.

If in the meantime you would like to know what lies behind the interface, what are the ingredients used to enrich it in this way, read the series dedicated to the UI and the user experience, which for a platform remains a key factor to improve its usability and support the success of your business.


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