[VIDEO] Contactlab and the Fresh Relevance platform – together for effective personalization of message content based on data

At the Contactlab Conference 2018, we interviewed Tom Smith, Fresh Relevance Co-founder & CRO.

He told us that, among all the features which make the Contactlab and Fresh Relevance integration extremely beneficial, there is also the ability to collect and save customer in-store transactions, in individual contact profiles. As the data is available in real-time, automatic, always up-to-date and highly personalized communications activities can readily be created.

Thanks to the unique customer views that Hub makes available, which are further enriched by applying Data’s, powerful algorithms, together with automatic, real-time dynamic content personalization and multi-channel communication tools, companies can readily enhance their marketing activities to reach new levels of direct communication.

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[WEBINAR] Ensure the best possible deliverability with Return Path and Contactlab

Return Path and Contactlab have cooperated together for many years to ensure the best possible email deliverability rates, high contact engagement levels and to help improve your business results.

By combining the leading email delivery technology, provided by the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform, with the experience and knowledge of Return Path, your company can precisely monitor campaign performance and effectiveness, and quickly modify them as required, to optimize deliverability.

Join the webinar to discover more, on October 25th, at noon.

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PIESYNC + HUB… read the Quick Start Guide now!

Hub is the Contactlab Marketing Cloud module that helps you collect and integrate all the customer data available from different sources, in one unique point. Create individual and unified profiles, keep them up-to-date, and make the details immediately available for your marketing activities.

Thanks to the integration with PieSync, you can now connect Hub with more than 100 apps, according to your individual needs, and automatically synchronize all the contact data that is spread across the different systems – intuitively and quickly.

To start immediately, see the guide, which helps you configure the integration in just a few simple steps.


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[WEBINAR] Always keep your customer dialogs open, and ensure they have an unforgettably positive experience, by using Zendesk and Contactlab

Today, the integration between the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform and Zendesk provides the answer many companies are looking for to communicate more quickly and easily with their customers, directly and immediately manage and answer potential queries and issues, and create optimum, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Do you want to try a new way of talking with your customers? Join the webinar and discover how Contactlab and Zendesk can help you, on October 17th, at noon.

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Don’t get your Facebook Custom Audiences frozen!

October 1st is just around the corner. If you don’t select a data origin for each of your Custom Audiences in Send, they can no longer be used. This is due to Facebook’s recent policy change, which means it is mandatory to define an origin for all audiences.

It’s quick and easy to do in Send. Find out how, with the tutorial we’ve written for you.

Act now to keep your campaigns up and running. If you have any questions or need support, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care.


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[WEBINAR] Integrate all your contact data in individual profiles, thanks to PieSync and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform

Thanks to the combination of PieSync and Hub, you can now integrate more than 100 apps with the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform. As a result, it will be easier to manage contact data that is distributed over different company systems, while creating and updating individual profiles in real-time and automatically eliminating any duplicates. All this without any time-consuming manual involvement, or potential data entry errors.

Join our webinar to discover how to synchronize your Hub contacts with those managed by the many applications included in the PieSync library.

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[WEBINAR] Dynamically personalize your communications content with Fresh Relevance and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform

Thanks to the integration between Fresh Relevance and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud, you can now interact with your contacts in a more personalized way, and define content relating directly to their interests that is consistent across all media.

Because of the individual profiles that are enriched with valuable information about behaviors, preferences and purchasing habits, and integrated with online and in-store data, you can automatically generate dynamically personalized content in real-time, creating tailored and always up-to-date messages.

Watch the webinar and discover how to successfully customize your contacts’ experiences.

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Hub + PieSync = Many more opportunities for Hub!

Hub is now integrated with PieSync and as a result, has real-time access to all the contact data that is available in many other external cloud apps.

Thanks to PieSync, contacts from a large number of external systems can now be immediately available in Hub, eliminating the need to import and export the relevant data. The process is an automatic, two-way synchronization, every time you add or update a contact on your network.


As a result, it is much easier for you to collect, store, update and consolidate customer data across all connected systems.

Set up is easy and does not require any downloads or installation, as everything is in the cloud. And you can easily avoid duplications, because the process matches contact email addresses during synchronization. Besides no longer needing to import or export contacts, there are many other tangible benefits from using this powerful integration. For example, you can share information throughout your team, save time and money, and reduce data errors that may otherwise result out of a manual sync.

Watch the video to see how easy is to start the integration and how useful it will be for your business.


What are you waiting for? Start enriching and empowering your Hub customer profiles by connecting them with the many cloud apps that are available through PieSync.

Review the long list of systems that can be integrated with Hub through PieSync, and start to enhance your business now.

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Update your Facebook Access Token to keep your platform integrations active


In this tutorial, you will learn how to update your Facebook Access Token, to keep your Lead Ads and Custom Audience integrations active with the platform.


Facebook has recently changed the User Access Token security parameters, modifying its validity to only eight days, from the previous unlimited setting.

Every 90 days, you must update your Access Token, for your integrations to remain active.

You can do this easily, in just a few steps. Do the following:

  1. Sign in to the platform and select Contactsend.
  2. Click Configure > Integrations > Facebook.

  1. Select the Authorizations

Here, you can see your integration Token status. If it is active, a green check mark icon displays. If the token is inactive, an orange warning triangle displays.

  1. If the token is inactive, click Edit to continue and re-authorize the integration.

  1. Click re-authorize to update the Facebook Access Token.
  2. Access your Facebook profile or, if you are already signed in, click Continue as…

  1. Click OK to allow the integration to manage your pages.

  1. Click + Save to store the new token.

The token is now valid. If you return to the Authorizations tab, you will see that the integration Token status now displays as active, with a green check mark icon.


For more details, read Facebook article or contact our Customer Care.

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