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[VIDEO] Contactlab and the Fresh Relevance platform – together for effective personalization of message content based on data


At the Contactlab Conference 2018, (link) we interviewed Tom Smith, Fresh Relevance Co-founder & CRO. He told us that, among all the features which make the Contactlab and Fresh Relevance integration extremely beneficial, there is also the ability to collect and save customer in-store transactions, in individual contact profiles ...

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[WEBINAR] Dynamically personalize your communications content with Fresh Relevance and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform


Thanks to the integration between Fresh Relevance and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud, you can now interact with your contacts in a more personalized way, and define content relating directly to their interests that is consistent across all media. Because of the individual profiles that are enriched with valuable information about behaviors ...


Together, Contactlab and Fresh Relevance enable you to create communications and journeys with personalized content that matches a customer’s expectations


A new cooperation between Fresh Relevance and Contactlab is born, delivering an integration that enables you to always interact with your customers in a more personalized way, and provide journeys that are shaped by their real needs. ...