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Anatomy of a non-profit email.

How can you build the perfect email to get more conversions from your non-profit campaigns? Let’s discover the best practices for creating a newsletter well made in form and substance. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Deliverability Inbox visibility and trust: do you know how to display the logo on Gmail and not run into spam filters?

DMARC is the topic of the moment. Are there measurable positive impacts for deliverability? Let’s go deeper into issues that are indispensable for people involved in marketing, CRM, ecommerce. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Discover the new antiphishing protection tools for your email domain.

We deepen the subject of deliverability with a focus on information security. Let’s see how DMARC can solve phishing and brand reputation issues. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Fashion Customer Journey in Fashion: how benchmarking and digital audit boost your performance.

Thanks to a proprietary methodology, we are able to analyse the online user experience for major fashion and luxury brands and optimize their level of customer engagement. SUBSCRIBE NOW


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WEBINAR: Email Marketing for the Non Profit, fund raising strategies during and post Covid-19 (IT only)

No-Profit webinar

How did the digital communication change during lockdown? How to continue the relationship with donors in the phase 2?

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020
at 2:00 pm
Massimo Fubini, Founder & CEO di Contactlab
Odette Di Maio, Head of Account Management, Client Manager No Profit

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In an emergency situation people have shown new values than before by reorganizing their priorities and changing their habits.

How did it go for Non Profit? How did digital communication change during lockdown? How did the relationship with donors continue?

In this webinar we will see what critical issues NPOs had to overcome to keep the attention of supporters towards their causes and what strategies they put in place to continue their fundraising campaigns making the most of digital channels.



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WEBINAR: Email marketing in the GDO, strategies during and post Covid-19 (IT only)


How did the digital communication change during lockdown? How to continue the relationship with consumers in the phase 2?


Thursday, June 11th, 2020
at 10:30 am
Speaker: Massimo Fubini, Founder & CEO di Contactlab
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We’ll talk about CRM, LOYALTY and MARKETING in retail.


Brands are called to have an ethical approach to communication, to review their relationship strategy with the consumer who, in an emergency situation, has new values. In this webinar we will see what strategies have been put in place by retail brands – useful ideas for other industries as well – to reassure consumers and continue to sell through digital marketing.

What has been the role of direct communication (email, sms, social…) in this period? And in the next phase? Which messages were used? How often? Which images, which Tone of Voice? Promo or Branding?




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[WEBINAR] Discover the real meaning of your data with Analytics

WEBINAR: Tuesday, January 15th at noon [only available in ITALIAN] 

A recording of the webinar will be available from the next day, at this address.

The data you accumulate every day provides very important information about your contacts and your activities… marketing or otherwise. It is vital that it is collected and organized in an integrated fashion. But of equal importance is being able to readily access and analyze the data, so you can learn more about your customers’ habits and preferences, be able to forecast their future behavior, and stay at least one step ahead by initiating new campaigns and making strategic business decisions.

The future of brands is increasingly based on data. Subscribe to our webinar to find out how Analytics enables you to explore your data in a structured and speedy way, establish interrelationships between each point, as well as with information from external systems, and offers you the opportunity to understand the resulting analysis better and make it quickly actionable.


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[WEBINAR] Ensure the best possible deliverability with Return Path and Contactlab

Return Path and Contactlab have cooperated together for many years to ensure the best possible email deliverability rates, high contact engagement levels and to help improve your business results.

By combining the leading email delivery technology, provided by the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform, with the experience and knowledge of Return Path, your company can precisely monitor campaign performance and effectiveness, and quickly modify them as required, to optimize deliverability.

Join the webinar to discover more, on October 25th, at noon.

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[WEBINAR] Always keep your customer dialogs open, and ensure they have an unforgettably positive experience, by using Zendesk and Contactlab

Today, the integration between the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform and Zendesk provides the answer many companies are looking for to communicate more quickly and easily with their customers, directly and immediately manage and answer potential queries and issues, and create optimum, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Do you want to try a new way of talking with your customers? Join the webinar and discover how Contactlab and Zendesk can help you, on October 17th, at noon.

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[WEBINAR] Integrate all your contact data in individual profiles, thanks to PieSync and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform

Thanks to the combination of PieSync and Hub, you can now integrate more than 100 apps with the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform. As a result, it will be easier to manage contact data that is distributed over different company systems, while creating and updating individual profiles in real-time and automatically eliminating any duplicates. All this without any time-consuming manual involvement, or potential data entry errors.

Join our webinar to discover how to synchronize your Hub contacts with those managed by the many applications included in the PieSync library.

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[WEBINAR] Dynamically personalize your communications content with Fresh Relevance and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform

Thanks to the integration between Fresh Relevance and the Contactlab Marketing Cloud, you can now interact with your contacts in a more personalized way, and define content relating directly to their interests that is consistent across all media.

Because of the individual profiles that are enriched with valuable information about behaviors, preferences and purchasing habits, and integrated with online and in-store data, you can automatically generate dynamically personalized content in real-time, creating tailored and always up-to-date messages.

Watch the webinar and discover how to successfully customize your contacts’ experiences.

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[WEBINAR] GDPR: The countdown is over!

When written out in full, GDPR explains what we are talking about perfectly: The general regulation for protecting personal data. This new regulation impacts most Marketing activities.

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