Automatic update of your Facebook Custom Audience

For those of you who are already using the Contactsend integration with Facebook Custom Audience, or for those who are looking for new ways to manage their digital acquisition and retargeting campaigns… a new and very useful innovation has arrived.

From today, the Contactsend integration with Custom Audience also allows you to schedule automatic uploads, which will populate your Custom Audience incrementally.

And to simplify management, we have also centralized control and configuration for Facebook integration into a single dashboard. You can now directly access the dedicated Facebook section in the Contactsend configure area, and manage all of your company Custom Audiences, regardless of which database or Facebook account they are connected to.

Let us take it step by step – How is it done? Simple.

Access Contactsend, enter the configure area, and on the Facebook page, you will find all of the Custom Audiences that are linked to your company.

Create a new Custom Audience, or select an existing one that you can add new email addresses or phone numbers to.

Select the database to synchronize.

Select the filter you want to apply, the type of correspondence (email or SMS) and the Facebook account for linking your Custom Audience.

That’s it. You just need to choose whether this is a recurring or a manual action… of course you can change your selection at any time!

What are you waiting for? You don’t know Custom Audience?

If you need any further information, please contact our Customer Care