Contactlab included among the main vendors in the first Gartner Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Gartner has released their first GartnerMarket Guide for Customer Data Platforms for Marketing, and Contactlab has been listed among the Representative Vendors globally, as a technology that enables brands to integrate contact data collected from different sources, into individual profiles. The guide provides essential support to those who wish to develop advanced customer engagement strategies and need a 360° understanding of their contacts.

The difficulties encountered by marketeers when they try to use customer information that is distributed across multiple systems and data silos, have led software vendors to develop new solutions to resolve problems of this type.

The guide analyzes the market in which CDPs operate, and provides a valuable means of understanding it, especially when a brand needs to make significant investments in this area. The intention is to help companies choose between the various technological offerings, understand the features and functionality of CDPs, and map them onto their needs, to identify the most appropriate solution.

The Contactlab Marketing Cloud CDP according to Gartner

A Customer Data Platform centralizes personal and behavioral data for each contact in one point. These integrated profiles are then made available to the various originating systems, enriched, up-to-date and immediately usable.

To adhere to Gartner’s CDP definition, technology that includes the following functionality is needed:

  • The collection of all data for each individual contact from multiple sources, both offline and online, in real-time, and without any storage limitations.
  • The integration of information into individual and identifiable profiles.
  • Segmentation based on personal and behavioral details, or data coming from, for example, predictive algorithmic elaborations.
  • The activation and immediate use of data for marketing campaigns, as well as business analysis and decision making.

Discover the KNOWLEDGE section of ​​the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and get to know Hub, Plan and Data… the modules that so effectively ensure the Contactlab platform is also a CDP.