Hub + PieSync = Many more opportunities for Hub!

Hub is now integrated with PieSync and as a result, has real-time access to all the contact data that is available in many other external cloud apps.

Thanks to PieSync, contacts from a large number of external systems can now be immediately available in Hub, eliminating the need to import and export the relevant data. The process is an automatic, two-way synchronization, every time you add or update a contact on your network.


As a result, it is much easier for you to collect, store, update and consolidate customer data across all connected systems.

Set up is easy and does not require any downloads or installation, as everything is in the cloud. And you can easily avoid duplications, because the process matches contact email addresses during synchronization. Besides no longer needing to import or export contacts, there are many other tangible benefits from using this powerful integration. For example, you can share information throughout your team, save time and money, and reduce data errors that may otherwise result out of a manual sync.

Watch the video to see how easy is to start the integration and how useful it will be for your business.


What are you waiting for? Start enriching and empowering your Hub customer profiles by connecting them with the many cloud apps that are available through PieSync.

Review the long list of systems that can be integrated with Hub through PieSync, and start to enhance your business now.