Configure your Facebook account with Contactsend and improve your campaigns

Configuring your Ads Account Facebook you will be able to use the integration to create your Custom Audience and Lead Ads.

To configure your Facebook account, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Contactsend and click Configure in the main menu, followed by Integrations.
    The Integrations page displays with a series of panels representing all the available Contactsend integrations. Unavailable integrations appear gray.
  2. Click the Facebook panel. The Facebook page displays.

  1. Select the Authorizations tab.
  2. Any existing Facebook Ads accounts are displayed in the Accounts list. The list is empty until accounts are configured.
  3. Click + Set up a Facebook Account. The Facebook new account page displays.

  1. Enter the following:
    a. Under Name, a recognizable name for the Facebook Ads account
    b. Under Ads account ID, the numeric ID for the Facebook Ads account
  2. Click authorize to automatically request and retrieve an access token.
    When requesting the access token, Facebook will ask you to give Contactlab permission to access the Ads account. This is needed to let Contactsend operate in the Facebook account.
    The access token is tied to the relevant Facebook user. If you have already logged in to Facebook, then that account will be used. Otherwise, you need to log in to Facebook as the user who has the appropriate permissions for the Facebook Ads account.
    Note: the access token has an unlimited time validity.

  1. Once you have the access token, click save. The account is added to the Accounts list on the Authorizations tab of the Facebook page. Here, you can edit or delete the Ads account, and display the relevant details

Once you have completed the configuration, Contactsend will be able to access the Ads account to use the configurations.

Note: The following configuration steps must be carried out for every Facebook Ads account you want to use. You must link at least one Facebook Ads account to Contactsend, and can configure up to 10 accounts in total.


To know more about Integrations supported by Contactsend read the dedicated section on the Guide.