Are you sure that your emails are arriving in the inbox?

New features are expected on October 27th, 2016 between 10:00am and 11:00am CEST.

Are you sure that your emails are arriving in the inbox? Or are you wasting your chance to get in touch? We can let you know!

How? With the capabilities provided by Contactsend for some sent messages, which measures the Inbox Placement Rate:

1 – For each delivery
2 – For a single delivery to four major mailbox providers
3 – Trends during a definable time period

Our goal is to make tools available that help you decide when and how to implement measures for improving your deliverability quality.

Log in to Contactsend and in the analyse section, click on campaign archive or special reports. There, you can find all these features together with a wealth of information that is already available.

1 – Inbox placement rate per dlivery: You can view a deliverability estimate for your digital campaign. Deliveries with Inbox Placement rate data are highlighted on the initial dashboard, so you can quickly and easily locate them.

Thanks to the established partnership with Return Path, the world leading providers of email intelligence solutions, we can produce reports that allow you to estimate how many emails:

  • were delivered to the inbox
  • were delivered to the spam folder
  • were missing, meaning they are not detected

Other problem types, such as configurationissues, can also be detected.

2 – If you want to check deliverability of your emails to the email addresses of four major Internet Service Providers instead, Contactsend includes a new “Inbox Placement”, which enables you to see information about the inbox, spam, and missing mails for each provider.

You can also access this information directly from your dashboard, which you can configure by adding the dedicated widget. This shows you the last 10 monitored messages that you have sent.

3 – If you want to know how these measurements change over a given period of time for all your monitored campaigns, and not just see the data for individual emails, you can also view a diagram that displays the time-based distribution of the inbox, spam, and missing entries.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service or your Sales contact to learn more about this new release or visit the appropriate section in Contactsend to see why you should choose ContactLab for your marketing campaigns.