Share Email Designer templates with your brands

The latest release of Email Designer, which took place a few days ago, included a very useful new feature: You can now share your templates. This is particularly interesting if your companies or brands are hierarchically organized on the platform.

What does this release enable you to do?

Now, a parent organization’s individual templates can be directly shared with its daughter and/or granddaughter companies and brands.

Once shared, a template is made available to all subsidiaries, without exception – meaning that access is not limited to one or more companies or brands.

Where can shared templates be found?


All subsidiary companies and brands have access to a new repository, called Shared Templates, which has been added to the existing My Templates, Custom Templates and Default Templates tabs.

The individual daughters and/or granddaughters can modify a shared template, but once it has been changed, the copy can only be saved in the subsidiary’s My Templates repository. This is done to avoid propagating individual changes to all the other companies and brands in the hierarchy.

What does this mean?

This template sharing feature is particularly useful when you want to manage their creation centrally, in a uniform and standardized way. New templates can then be made available automatically, while enabling subsidiary companies and brands to tailor them to the demands of their own deliveries.