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Anatomy of a non-profit email.

How can you build the perfect email to get more conversions from your non-profit campaigns? Let’s discover the best practices for creating a newsletter well made in form and substance. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Deliverability Inbox visibility and trust: do you know how to display the logo on Gmail and not run into spam filters?

DMARC is the topic of the moment. Are there measurable positive impacts for deliverability? Let’s go deeper into issues that are indispensable for people involved in marketing, CRM, ecommerce. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Discover the new antiphishing protection tools for your email domain.

We deepen the subject of deliverability with a focus on information security. Let’s see how DMARC can solve phishing and brand reputation issues. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Fashion Customer Journey in Fashion: how benchmarking and digital audit boost your performance.

Thanks to a proprietary methodology, we are able to analyse the online user experience for major fashion and luxury brands and optimize their level of customer engagement. SUBSCRIBE NOW