WEBINAR: Email marketing in the GDO, strategies during and post Covid-19 (IT only)


How did the digital communication change during lockdown? How to continue the relationship with consumers in the phase 2?


Thursday, June 11th, 2020
at 10:30 am
Speaker: Massimo Fubini, Founder & CEO di Contactlab
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We’ll talk about CRM, LOYALTY and MARKETING in retail.


Brands are called to have an ethical approach to communication, to review their relationship strategy with the consumer who, in an emergency situation, has new values. In this webinar we will see what strategies have been put in place by retail brands – useful ideas for other industries as well – to reassure consumers and continue to sell through digital marketing.

What has been the role of direct communication (email, sms, social…) in this period? And in the next phase? Which messages were used? How often? Which images, which Tone of Voice? Promo or Branding?