Editing an automation

You can only edit Draft automations, or Ready ones before the date and time that they are due to start. You cannot edit Active or Archived automations. You can, however archive an Active automation that has been paused.

You can also duplicate a Ready, Draft or Archived automation by clicking the Clone icon Clone Segment, positioned to the right of the appropriate row in the automations list, then edit it as required.

To edit an automation, do the following:

  1. Ensure the Automations tab is selected in the Control bar and that the My automations page is displayed.
  2. Click the Ready or Drafts tab as appropriate, then locate and click the relevant automation in the list.
    The saved Automation configuration page displays.

Example of a saved Automation configuration page

  1. Click the Pencil icon , to edit the name.
  2. Click the Reload icon , to update the Stats, as required.
  3. In the Automation configuration panel:
    1. Add new steps as required.
      The Steps selection panel only displays the steps that can follow the previous one and potentially, the following step.
    2. Click the appropriate Step and/or Action panel to display its configuration options in the Sidebar, and edit as required.
    3. Delete the appropriate Step or Action by clicking the X icon, positioned to the top right of the relevant step panel.
  4. When you are finished, click one of the following:
    1. Save as Draft
      The saved Automation configuration page closes and you are returned to the My automations section. The edited automation is saved under the Drafts tab.
    2. Save
      The saved Automation configuration page closes and you are returned to the My automations section. The automation is saved under:

      1. The Ready tab.
        If it has a start date some time in the future.
      2. The Active tab.
        If it is to be activated immediately.

If a Draft automation is saved as Ready or Active following an edit, it is removed from the Drafts tab.

If you do not click Save as Draft or Save, the changes are discarded.

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