Configuring a Real-time Source

Example of the Automation configuration page with a Real-time Source selected

The following description uses and Abandoned cart event as an example. However, provided an event has been configured in Hub, it will be available for selection.

Ensure you have selected Real-time on the New automation page, then do the following to configure the source:

  1. Click Real-time Source in the Automation configuration panel.
    The Source configuration options display in the Sidebar.
  2. Under Incoming event, select the event that will trigger a contact to be added to the automation.
    For example, Abandoned cart.
  3. Under Attributes for step action personalization, do the following, to further define the event, if required:
    1. Click the Insert text… field and, for example, enter a relevant product name, such as ‘red boots with heels’.
    2. Click Select…, then Event property.
      A new Select… field displays.
    3. Select a property from the drop-down list.
      For example, products – name.
      The available properties vary, according to the event that is selected under Incoming event.
  4. Click Add attribute, to define further event attributes, if required.
  5. Under Removing event, click Select…, and choose an event that will trigger a contact to be removed from the automation, if required.
    For example, Completed order.
  6. When you are finished, click the Automation configuration panel, to continue creating the automation.

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