Getting started, navigating the UI
and signing out

The Contactlab platform Sign in page

Starting the UI

To start the UI, do the following on the Sign in page:

  1. Select the appropriate language from the options displayed at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your Username and Password.
  3. Click SIGN IN.
    The Automations > My automations section displays by default.
    See The My automations section for more details.

If you have difficulties signing in, see the Accountcentral Guide for more details.

Navigating the UI

The UI includes:

  • The Control bar, including:
    • The Contactflow logo.
      Click at any time, to return to the My automations section.
    • The Automations and Reports tabs.
      Click the appropriate tab to navigate to the required management section.
    • The Admin tab.
      Only displays if you have the appropriate Admin. permissions.
    • The User information panel.
      Displays the name of the current user, together with the portfolio and node that are being used.
      Click the panel to display the Settings and Sign out buttons.

      • Click the Settings button to select a different portfolio, workspace and/or node, if available for your account.
      • Click the Sign out button to end the current session.
  • Either the My automations section, or the Reports section.

Signing out

To end the current session, do the following:

  • Click the User information panel, positioned to the right in the Control bar.
    The Settings and Sign out buttons display.
  • Click Sign out.
    The application closes and you are returned to the Contactlab Sign in page.



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