The Reports section

Example of the Reports section

The Reports section includes:

  • The Download button.
    Downloads a report in *.CSV format for the identified automations.
  • The Automation type drop-down list.
    Enables you to define the type of automations you require in the Reports list:

    • All
    • Active
    • Archived or Error
  • The Date range fields.
    Enables you to define the time period that the Reports list should cover.
  • The Search button.
    Click to generate a Reports list according to the criteria you have defined.
  • The Reports list.
    Includes the following information for each automation:

    • The automation Name.
    • The creation date and time under Created.
    • Author.
    • The Start date.
    • The End date.
    • Individual columns listing the number of contacts whose journeys are or have been :
      • Started.
      • Completed.
      • Running.
    • The Status.
      For example, Running, Draft, Archived and similar.

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