The Monitor section

The Monitor page

The Monitor section enables you to verify the status of individual contacts in an automation, in the last 30 days.

The Monitor section includes:

  • A Search by field.
    Select one of the following search criteria, if available:

    • Automation UUID.
    • Contact ID (as used in Hub).
      If selected, enter the Hub UUI in the next field.
    • Email.
    • Step UUID.
  • A Search text field.
    Enter the appropriate search text.
  • A Macro status field.
    Select one of the following search criteria:

    • Running.
      Contacts in any step other than END.
    • Completed.
      Contacts that have reached an END step, or have been deliberately removed from an automation.
    • Error.
      Contacts included in error, not inserted because they were duplicates, or removed because, for example, they were blacklisted or unsubscribed in the meantime.
  • A Search button.

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