Contactlab’s Top 10 Product Developments of 2018

2018 was an important year for Contactlab’s customer engagement platform. Here, we’ve tried to select 10 news articles that recall a year of compelling releases and considerable excitement, although they are not necessarily shown in order of importance.


The Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform was born

Contactlab constantly renews its commitment to customer engagement, this time raising it to the heights of Engagement Intelligence. The new platform provides you with the best tools to study, analyze and manage your contacts and their journeys, enabling you to carry out precisely targeted marketing activities that result in a successful customer experience, for both you and your audiences.

Contactlab has been registered as a Customer Data Platform solution provider by the CDP Institute

That’s right, we passed the exam: From 2018, you can also find Contactlab among the CDP providers recognized by the institute. According to the official definition, the platform’s knowledge modules meet the requirements fully.

your customers’ behavior with Data

Access a new intelligence that can analyze all your contacts’ data, enabling you to know them even better, predict their potential and anticipate future behavior. Thanks to the application of algorithms and predictive models based on the data you collect through your contacts’ actions and habits, you can use information that would not otherwise be available, to enhance individual contact profiles and create segments.

The Contactlab Marketing Automation module is called

Bring unforgettable experiences to your contacts. Create personalized communication journeys, establish continuing and lasting relationships, build loyalty among your customers and encourage them to choose you both now, and time and time again in the future. Rely on marketing automation that can deploy email, SMS and webhooks to reach the right audience, in the most appropriate way, at the right time, wherever they may be.

See the true meaning of your data with

The data you collect every day possesses considerable powers, and if you can easily and correctly interpret it, it tells you so many stories. With Analytics, you can visually explore all your data, and access invaluable information that helps you evaluate and influence the future of your business, extremely quickly.

Composing email has never been easier than with
Email Designer

The platform has been enriched with a new editor, which makes email content management and the editing experience more immediate, while enhancing the levels of control and flexibility beyond what we are used to. The drag & drop interface, and a range of out-of-the-box tools, enable you to create responsive design-based emails with personalized messages, in just a few minutes.


With WhatsApp, the number of Instant Messaging apps that are available on the platform rises to 5

Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp… you can chat with your contacts on all the available communication channels from a single platform. In fact, One allows your Sales Associates to communicate with your customers through their favorite channel, while using the same interface and without having to change tools.


Turn GDPR compliance into opportunities to improve your contacts’ experience

Contactlab has worked hard to provide you with a platform that offers all the features you need on your way to compliance. GDPR introduces principles and rigorous requirements that guarantee the right to privacy and data protection. But at the same time, it offers opportunities to improve a contact’s experience, and their perceptions of a brand, as well as adding value to the relationship that needs to be established with customers.

If Hub manages more events, your audience refinement increases!

Being able to collect more information about your contacts enables you to differentiate your activities towards them, according to the true characteristics that distinguish them. Thanks to the enrichment of data managed by Hub, you can create increasingly precise segments… making use not only of demographic details, but also behavioral information including online habits, purchasing frequency, future expenditure forecasts, the possibility of churn and much, much more.


More and more SMS in the platform

It’s not just emails that you can use in your engagement plans, but SMS messages too! After all, the SMS channel can guarantee opening rates in excess of 98%. In addition, 90% of openings take place within three minutes of message delivery (source: Forbes) while 74% of those who read an SMS, then interact with the brand (source: SMS Advantage Report). Contactlab has, of course, been thinking about helping you take full advantage of all this.