Chat on WhatsApp with your customers: Up to 5 IM channels in One!

Thanks to One,  you can now converse with your customers on WhatsApp!

You could already count on Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram and WeChat, but now you can chat with your contacts through one of the most popular instant messaging apps, which is already used by millions of people around the world. From today, you can offer your Sales Associates another channel to communicate with their customers, and what a channel!

WhatsApp and One make Contactlab even more multi-channel!


By accessing their own account and selecting the appropriate contacts, a Sales Associate can choose when and how to reach each one, carrying out every conversation from a single point, regardless of the channel. They can send dedicated promotions, tell customer’s about today’s offers and the latest brand news, and let a shopper know when that special something is back in store … It’s so easy for an SA to create and send messages, establishing and managing direct, personal and tailored relationships that truly make a difference.

Today, you can combine the more traditional asynchronous communication channels like email and SMS, with instant messaging features that open the way to real dialogues in real-time.

Your brand and your Sales Associates can count on One, the clienteling application designed to create and manage long-lasting multi-channel conversations. Find out how to get an official WhatsApp Business account and start using the application now.