The Customer and Events Analytics management page

Click Customers > Customers and Events to access the Analytics management page. The Customers Analytics page displays by default.

The Analytics management page provides access to a rich set of analytics that enable you to examine the overall customer base composition, the customer acquisition statistics, and a range of information about events, purchase activity, Web behavior and similar.

All analytics pages include:

  • A Node selection field.
    Enables you to define the nodes that should be included for analysis.
  • Start date and End date fields.
    Enable you to define the analysis period.
  • A series of tabs, which provide access to the relevant analytics:

If you position your mouse over a chart segment or bar, the UI displays further information, such as the number of customers, the distribution value and similar.

Page panel controls

Towards the top right of each chart-based panel are a series of controls that enable you manage the displayed information. While the available controls vary according to the type of chart, you can, for example:

  • Save the relevant chart in PNG format.
  • Save the relevant chart in CSV format.
  • Pan the displayed information.
  • Zoom in or out.
  • Autoscale the chart.
  • Reset the axes.
  • View additional information when you hover your mouse over a particular area of the chart.

A screen tip displays when you position your mouse over a particular control icon, which describes what it does.