Understanding the Account Center

To access and display the Account Center, do the following:

  1. Click the Information panel, positioned towards the top-right of the Marketing Cloud UI.
    The Options drop-down panel displays.
  2. Click Account Center.
    The appropriate Account Center dashboard displays.
    You can also go direct to your personal account profile by clicking the  Options panel > Profile.

The Account Center enables you to:

  • View your User Dashboard.
    Displays, for example:

    • Your Account info.
      Click View details to update your Account details:

      • Your Personal info and contact details, together with mobile phone verification and PIN or one-time password options.
        You cannot change your username.
      • The selected Options for your account, such as the default language, time zone and similar.
      • Your Log in history.
      • All your Tickets.
    • The Security status.
      Click Change password to access the Change password page.
    • The Latest news and access to All news.
    • Failed log ins.
      Click View details for more information.
    • Your Latest support requests.
  • View the details of the selected Company.

Admin users

If you have the appropriate admin. permissions, you can in addition:

  • View the Admin Dashboard.
    Displays similar information to the User Dashboard, but includes Issues in place of the Latest news.
  • Display Settings and under General & Company:
    • Change the company Information and Manager details in the Company section.
    • View the list of users in the relevant company Team and:
      • Add new users.
      • Edit user details, as well as reset PINs and passwords.
      • View the details of any user-related security issues.
      • View the details of any failed login attempts.
      • View when users accessed the applications.
      • Assign application permissions.
    • Review the Data model for the currently selected company.
    • Review the settings for other resources.

See Getting started, selecting the workspace and changing your profile or settings for more about Settings.

An Admin user can only edit the details and reset the PIN or password for a user that has been created within the company for which they have admin. permissions. See Viewing and editing a user’s details for more information.