Understanding algorithms

Algorithms and artificial intelligence are applied to enrich customer profiles with insights, statistics and automatic clustering. The calculations can be performed on the data in one or more workspace nodes.

All results are then made available in the Customers section, in a specially created area of each relevant customer profile and, for example, in Segments to create rules.

A predefined, industry-optimized algorithm catalog enables you to activate the relevant algorithms. Others can be tailored by a Contactlab data analyst to the specific needs of your customer database, then made available for you to activate.

Future releases will, for example, enable your data analyst to define algorithm templates for use by your company.

Key features and functionality

Data includes a wide range of features, such as:

  • Only authorized users can access algorithms.
    In addition, the operations a user can carry out are determined by their assigned permissions.
  • A predefined algorithm catalog, tailored to your industry.
  • Customizable algorithms that can be fine-tuned to your database by a Contactlab data analyst.
  • Simple activation, with readily available views of algorithm summaries, descriptions, configuration settings, schedules and execution logs.
  • Results available for use across the Contactlab Marketing Cloud.
  • Admin users can:

Algorithms receive data regarding your customers and their related events, such as purchases, responses to digital messages and so on, then adds this information to the relevant customer profile. The data extrapolation is carried out using tailor-made algorithms. Depending on the data you have and the information you want to extract, you can activate the suitable algorithms, or request customized ones to be made available.

This guide includes an overview of:

  • The available algorithms.
  • The required input data.
  • The output that is added to the customer profile.

The algorithms enrich the profiles of individual customers. All information is available, for example, in Segments and Plans.

Certain algorithms use the available information to create clusters. These are marked as ‘clustering’ in the descriptions provided here. Other algorithms use models to predict future customer behavior. These are marked as ‘predictive’.

Algorithm library

The algorithms are available in a library, which includes: