Event Analytics

To display the Event Analytics page, click the Customers > Customers and Events in the Sidebar and select the Events tab.

The page includes details about customer-related events for the defined analysis period. It is made up of the following fields and panels:

  • The Events panel, with:
    • Two filters:
      • A Context field.
        Enables you to select the event context. For example, a digital campaign event, a retail event, a Web event, or similar.
      • A Type field.
        Enables you to select the type of event. For example, abandoned cart, campaign subscribed, opened ticket and similar events.
    • An Events counter.
      Displays the total number of events, according to the defined filters.
  • The Source and node panel.
    Displays the distribution of events by source and node, if more than one node is selected.
  • The Acquisition trends panel.
    Displays the distribution of new and total events, over the defined period of time. You can choose to display the data on a Day, Week or Month basis.
  • The Acquisition heatmap panel.
    Displays the event distribution, on an Hour of the day, Day of the week or Day of the Month basis.