Web Analytics

To display the Web Analytics page, click the Customers > Customers and Events in the Sidebar and select the Web tab.

The page includes details about the Web-related behavior of the customer base. It is made up of the following panels:

  • The Web summary panel.
    Displays the number of Page views, Visitors, New visitors and Page views per customer, for the defined period of time.
  • The Page views vs visitors trend panel.
    Displays the distribution of the number of pages viewed against the number of active customers, for the defined period of time.
    You can choose to display the data on a Day, Week or Month basis.
  • The Top 10 panel.
    Displays the top 10 for each of the following:

    • Page views.
    • Referrals.
    • Page categories.
    • Page tags.
  • The Top 5 panel.
    Displays the top 5 for each of the following, by Gender and Age range:

      • Top 5 pages.
      • Top 5 categories.
      • Top 5 tags.