Understanding reports

The reporting function enables you to view and download general and detailed information about automations. You can, for example:

    • Select the reporting time frame.
      This enables you, for example, to view all the automations that were created during a defined period, regardless of their status.
    • Select automations according to the Automation type.
    • View a list of all the relevant automations.
      The list includes a summary of the key aspects of each automation, such as the number of contacts that:

      • Were available at the start of the automation.
      • Have successfully been used for the automation.
      • Are currently being used by the automation.
    • Download a report in *.CSV format for the identified automations.
      The report includes a broad range of information, such as:

      • The Automation UUID, name, description, category and author.
      • The start and end dates, time zone and status.
      • Queued, total, completed, error, running, removed and excluded contacts.
      • Details for each step or action.
      • For Action steps, the feedback from Contactsend regarding delivery, bounces, opens, clicks and similar, if applicable.