Data visualization overview

This section describes how to use the Customers section  to:

  • View key statistics and the composition of the available data.
  • Access the details relating to individual customers.
  • Manage customer base data, consents and events.
    Create, edit or delete customer profiles and add events as required.

Exploring customers, events and analytics

The data visualization section is subdivided into the following:

  • The Overview dashboard.
    Displays an overview of customer acquisitions and events for the previous month.
  • The Customers management page.
    Enables you to select or search for individual contacts and create new ones.
    Also provides access to:

    • The Customer details page.
      Enables you to view and edit the details of an individual customer, and see their consents.
      You can also drill down to the details of individual events, such as a completed order, as well as being able to add, edit and delete them.
  • The Analytics management page.
    Enables you to view customer, event, purchase and web analytics.

Each subsection can be accessed through the Sidebar.