Using your PIN and one-time passwords

The Account > Personal info page of Accountcentral enables you to choose between using one of the following options, when you are asked for further verification while signing in:

  • The PIN that was sent to you by email.
  • A one-time password (OTP) that is generated in real-time and sent by SMS to your verified mobile phone.

If you enter the wrong numbers from your PIN five times, your account is blocked. If you stop trying after the fourth attempt and wait at least 30 minutes, the counter is reset, and you can try five more times. However, the global counter limits you to a maximum of 15 attempts in total, before the account is blocked.

If you enter the wrong OTP 50 times, your account is blocked.

Once an account has been blocked, only Contactlab customer care can re-enable it.

OTPs by SMS limitations

The following conditions apply to OTPs by SMS:

  • You can request a maximum of one OTP per minute.
  • Only the last three OTPs are valid.

An SMS can take some time to arrive for various reasons, but especially if, for example, you are roaming. If, as a result, you click Resend OTP more than twice, the first OTP that was sent will be invalid, even if it does eventually arrive.

Changing an emailed PIN

An Admin user can change another user’s PIN that was sent by email, provided the relevant user was created within a company for which the administrator has the appropriate permissions, but they cannot reset their own. In this case, the administrator must contact Contactlab customer care.

If an administrator changes the PIN you have received by email, it will have no effect if you have chosen to use OTPs sent by SMS. It will be valid, however, if you decide to no longer use SMS-based OTPs sometime in the future. In this case, you will need to use the latest PIN that was sent to you by email, if requested.



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