Compare and collate data, don’t just read it. You’ll see unexpected results!

You collect volumes of data about your contacts every day, as their journeys lead them through all the channels they are connected to.
Don’t miss any opportunities – collect data, organize and manage it – but above all, equip yourself with the tools that are capable of exploring it and revealing the true meaning.

Don’t stop at just the first impressions. Compare and correlate your data in depth, even if it comes from different systems, and quickly discover new information and facts that couldn’t be seen before. Valuable details to enhance your business. Important tips to help you plan the right strategy, make decisions and ensure a successful future for your company.

Take a look at the infographic below – just one example of how useful exploration and visualization tools can be. Analytics is the Marketing Cloud module you can rely on to reveal the true meaning of your data.










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What makes the Contactlab Marketing Cloud a CDP as well?

In a time when each customer can interact with a brand whenever they want, from anywhere they wish, through multiple devices, the resulting information often gets trapped in separate systems that become ‘data silos’. This graphic illustrates how Contactlab Marketing Cloud modules combine to provide you with a powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP) which makes all the data readily available to marketeers and helps them create highly effective engagement strategies.

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Contacthub Conceptual Architecture

This infographic describes the conceptual architecture Contacthub is built on. It’s organized in three moments.

In moment 1 we see data sources that feed the system. In moment 2 there’s the customer base and the anonymous events, that are then identified and integrated into the base through a reconciliation process. Moment 3 finally shows how this information is processed and organized to fill in the Contachub unified custom profile, or to get exported to external systems.


You can downlod this infographic in pdf format.

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