The Marketing Cloud and the times of economic man

During his presentation at the Contactlab Conference 2018, Paolo Santori – Chief Product Officer at Contactlab, told us that today, a simple approach is not enough to create lasting relationships with customers. In a similar way, data collection alone is insufficient. It needs to be interpreted correctly, then used in the appropriate way, at just right moment, to be of value.

Data by itself does not represent information. It needs to be elaborated upon and transformed in something far richer – into real knowledge. To achieve this, what we at Contactlab call a human touch is required, to complement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Moreover, you need to take the human factors in your available data into account, then extrapolate a new, apparently hidden, yet highly valuable understanding.

These are the concepts and goals that have resulted in the birth of the Contactlab Marketing Cloud. – a combination of AI and a human understanding, together with the information contained in your available data, which results in Engagement Intelligence – a powerful and practical understanding of today’s customers and those of tomorrow.