MC series #2: Contactlab’s Customer Data Platform makes all the difference!

We continue our adventure in discovering the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and today we enter the heart of the technology, the Customer Data Platform. A set of functionalities that allows complete data management. You can have all the tools you need to know your customers inside out, discover them and target them with tailor-made campaigns that will take your business to new heights. All this while guaranteeing compliance with GDPR regulations.

This solution has allowed Contactlab to be included among the main vendors in Gartner‘s market guide, to be the only Italian company recognised by the CDP Institute, to enter Quadrant Solutions‘ SPARK Matrix and to be mentioned in Orbis Research, Market Insights Reports and The Martech Tribe.

But that’s not all, there will be many more surprises in the next upcoming articles of the Marketing Cloud series. Soon we will be talking about Marketing Automation, the so-called Data Activation phase.







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