Cloning a segment

See Using Data types, input fields and operators for more about the fields and operators that are available in the UI.

To clone a segment, do the following:

  1. Click Segments > Segments list in the Sidebar.
    The My segments page displays. 
  2. Locate the required segment using the Segments list.
  3. Click the Clone icon Clone Segment, positioned towards the right of the segment entry in the table.
    The New segment page displays and the system automatically generates a segment name, consisting of the words Copy of and the current segment name.
    See Creating new segments
     for more about the New segment page. 
  4. Select the system generated name and enter one of your choice.
    Ensure that the name you use is unique, descriptive of the segment, and can easily be recognized by yourself and others in the future.
  5. Complete the steps given in the following pages, according to how you want to change the cloned segment:
  6. When you have finished changing the cloned segment, click Save, to apply your changes.
    The cloned segment is updated and you are returned to the My segments page.

If you do not click Save all changes are discarded and the cloned segment remains unchanged.