Modifying the interaction condition between segmentation rules

To modify the interaction condition between rules:

  1. In the Summary panel, positioned to the right of the Edit segment page, locate the two relevant consecutive rules in the list and select the appropriate interaction condition, from those listed in the area between the two rules:
    • AND
      Only the contacts that conform with both rules are included in the total contacts for segment.
    • OR
      The contacts that conform with either rule are included in the total contacts for segment.
    • EXCEPT
      The contacts that are defined by the second rule are removed from those identified by the first rule.

See Combining segmentation rules and Segment Summary panel for more details about interaction conditions.

  1. Carry out other edit actions as required.
    See Editing a segment for other editing options.

If you do not click Save once you have finished editing the segment, all edits are discarded and the segment remains unchanged.