Review and manage your Contactlab platform experience in a unique way

Contactlab announces a new application that provides all Engagement Marketing platform users with a comprehensive account management dashboard, together with tools to update their personal details and monitor past activity.

The powerful Admin user features ensure they can effectively manage their team members, edit the details of the company to which they belong and assign application access permissions, as well as allowing them to view information about associated users.

Admin users have exclusive access to sections and functionality that is unavailable to normal users, as outlined below.

  Dashboard  (user & admin)

Provides a summary of all key details:

  • Account information
  • Security status
  • Latest application use, with a
    direct access link
  • Details of the user’s latest
    support requests


 Account (user & admin)

Enables basic personal
information management:

  • Personal details
  • Language and time zone
  • Password, PIN and OTP
  • Log in history
  • Tickets



  Company (user & admin)


  • Information about the
    selected company
  • The contact details for
    key personnel

Admin users can edit the information
and details, as required.


 News (user & admin)

Provides direct access to:

  • The latest news
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • How-to texts

All created by our experts to enhance and
simplify Contactlab platform use.



  Team (admin)


  • Users to be created
    and managed
  • Security-related issues,
    failed login attempts and
    application access to be reviewed



 Applications  (admin)

Displays details of the Contactsend, Contacthub and Contactplan applications that have been configured for the selected company


Click here to sign in and start using the new dashboard. We recommend that you save this link to simplify future access.

Don’t wait any longer. Start using the new application now and discover more about the Contactlab Engagement Marketing platform.

For more details, see the User Guide or contact our Customer Service.