Why limit your text messages, when there is concatenated SMS?

Deliver concatenated SMS through the platform and send your contacts all the information they need. Ensure truly effective and successful communications, without having to worry about the length of the text.

Recent research shows that text messages have an opening rate of more than 98%, and 90% of those take place within three minutes of delivery (source: Forbes). In addition, 74% of the people who read an SMS, go on to interact with the brand (source: SMS Advantage Report). It is clear that SMS continues to be an attractive channel for contacting prospects, especially if you can rely on concatenated SMS.

Which is why the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform has enhanced its concatenated SMS capabilities, in support of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

You can depend on our service, which enables you to send more text messages, concatenated as if they were a single one, without any interruption for the recipient. A service that easily and simply overcomes the limit to the maximum number of usable characters imposed by a single SMS.


But the Contactlab platform offers much more. Besides enabling you to take advantage of concatenated SMS for:

  • One-shot deliveries in Send.

You can also use it:

  • In Plan, when planning deliveries to selectively targeted segments.


  • In Flow, while creating personalized and automated customer journeys, which attract your contacts with memorable experiences.

Get to know the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform and find out how it can help you communicate with your customers on a one-to-one basis. And if you are already a platform user, ask our Customer Service to enable SMS for your company. Learn how to use the system and start to entice your contacts with longer messages and individual, personalized content.