Viewing DND policies

To access the DND policy management page and view all currently available policies:

  1. Click Settings near the bottom of the Sidebar, then Segments & Plans > DND policy.
    The Do Not Disturb policy page displays.

Do Not Disturb policy page

The Do Not Disturb policy page includes a table that is sorted in date order, starting with the oldest entry. It displays the DND policy names and their creation date.

If a policy is set as the default, the appropriate radio button, to the left of the table, is highlighted. If a policy is global, the appropriate slider, to the right of the table, appears green.

See Managing Do Not Disturb policy settings for more about global DND policies.

Viewing a DND policy

To view a DND policy:

  • Click the appropriate name in the table.
    The Edit DND policy page displays, with the relevant details.

Ensure that you do not click the radio button in the Default column.