Forgetting your password

If you forget your password, do the following:

  1. On the Sign in page, click Forgotten your password?
    The Request reset link page displays.

The Request reset link page

  1. Select the Username or Email tab and enter the appropriate details.
    The Password recovery page displays to confirm that a reset link has been sent by email.

The Password recovery page

Example of the Password recovery link email

  1. When you receive the email, click RESET PASSWORD LINK.
    The link is valid for 24 hours.
    The Change password page displays in your browser.

The Change password page

  1. Enter and confirm a new password.
  2. Click Modify.
    The New password confirmation page displays.

The New password confirmation page

  1. Click HOME.
    You are returned to the Sign in page, where you can use your Username and the new Password you have just created to sign in.



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